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GOOD+MOORE Cosmopolitan Mix | Cocktail and Mocktail Mixer | Cranberries Flavored Syrup| 250ml


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SKU: A58571
Categories: Syrups, Non alcoholic cocktails, Cocktail Mixer,


  • ENJOY AN ICONIC COCKTAIL STRAIGHT OUT OF PRIMETIME - A unique take on the kamikaze cocktail, the Cosmopolitan is made in a martini glass to show off the beautiful pink hue. Made famous by Sex and the City, the Cosmo is a great cocktail for anyone.
  • MADE WITH REAL CRANBERRY JUICE - We blended the tart flavors of cranberry just enough to make the perfect base for a classic Cosmopolitan. Our manufacturing process ensures that you get the authentic color and taste of your favorite drink.
  • JUST ADD VODKA TO CREATE THE PERFECT COSMOPOLITAN - A perfect blend of tart fruit juice with a light sweetness. Just combine this mix in a cocktail shaker with vodka. Grab a martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist to complete your Cosmo.
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES! EASILY MIX BATCH COCKTAILS AND PITCHERS - GOOD+MOORE cocktail mix is a great way to serve batches of your favorite cocktails. Just follow the simple instructions at the back of the bottle. No cocktail recipe books are required.
  • CRAFT COCKTAILS, NO CRAFTING REQUIRED - GOOD+MOORE's cocktail mixes are made with great care and with fresh ingredients. Now create delicious cocktails and enjoy a quality drink at home!
  • VEGETARIAN: All our products are purely vegetarian making it convenient for all to consume.
  • Economic (cheaper) alternative to expensive cold-drinks and beverages.
  • Hygienically packed in Reusable, food grade, virgin plastic pet bottle. Can be used as fridge bottles.
  • Excellent beverage solution for birthday parties, children



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